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Flowerama Columbus - Family Owned and Operated Florist

Who are we? 

Before anything else we are a family.

We have three generations of family members and every single one has worked in the flower shops at one point of their lives. In fact, at least one member from each generation is currently working in the flower shops in one way or another. Now this is not always the case, because some of our youngest generation travels off to college from time to time, but they often help out if only at the holidays.

We often get the opportunity to celebrate our life moments a little different than many other families. We have been known to celebrate Christmas in January and Mother’s Day in late May. We have held a 16th birthday with cake and ice-cream in one of the flower shops because it coincided with prom. Thanksgiving has been held in one of our locations on more than one occasion. We have been doing this together for so long that this is normal to us. The lessons of sacrifice and commitment have been taught to each generation thru this type of dedication. It all seems very normal to us because it is all we know.

But that’s not the cool part of the story!

The really cool thing is it is more than just our family. We have one family that has two generations of family members who make this place their home. There are families who have worked with us so long their extended family members sacrifice their hard-earned vacation time to work in our little flower shop the two busiest floral weeks out of the year. In most cases they claim they have to because they say they married one of our store managers. Whatever the reason for their dedication their sacrifice makes the difference in our success. We have grandparents and siblings offer to baby sit next generation team members just so we can pull off a holiday. We have friends of employees take time off of work to help out at holidays, many times only excepting payment in flowers. When we think about it, when we put this to paper, it really is extremely humbling what others are willing to do for a shared success. This is not an about us as owners, but more of an about us as a group of people that have formed a great big family that make this little flower shop successful. In fact, this might be more of a thank you than an about us.

Maybe the above paragraph should be the lead. I guess protocol says we should talk about what we do first. Yes, Blah Blah Blah we are a flower shop...Boring. We are not doing that, after all we get to write whatever we want here. Besides, we can get to that later if you’re still interested in reading about us. Maybe the lead should be the first generation. The generation that had nothing and scrapped and sacrificed so that the next generation could have a better life, the generation that made this all possible. Maybe the lead should be a thank you to our parents who made it possible for the kids to remain in the same town and raise their kids near each other so that the cousins could know each other instead of know of each other. Maybe the lead should be how our parents and now grandparents achieved the goal of putting family first in generation that is more often connected thru social media than social gatherings. 

So, we are a group of families that often celebrate life’s events at odd times and in odd places but for common reasons. We have shared understandings and shared beliefs in one another and everyone is excepted. We fight, we yell, we even throw tantrums from time to time, and we forgive. We have each other’s back and we sacrifice for each other. Thru all of this we grew a flower shop. I guess we have done a pretty good job at it. We now have four locations and countless awards for our efforts. We all know this little flower shop is bigger than any one of us and for that reason we remain grateful for one another and humble. I think we all do it for the same reason. We love it.

Botanica Wedding Flower Designs

Botanica Floral Artisans is the wedding and events division of Flowerama Columbus. Botanica was created from our passion for personalized, fresh flower art, for the most important events in life. We believe in farm-fresh product, brought in for every event so the flowers in every Botanica creation are at their absolute best. Every personalized creation requires a minimum of 48-hour notice so that we have time to select the best product from the best suppliers and have time to properly hydrate and care for each and every flower before it goes into our floral art. For weddings and events we request at least a 30 day notice. The artisans at Botanica believe it is essential to pay close attention to every detail to ensure the event is as close to perfect as possible. We call it the Botanica difference and it starts from our core belief that we are creating art, not just a flower arrangement.

Botanica Floral Artisans strive to provide the Columbus, Ohio community with a fresh and creative take on floral art. 

visit the Botanica website for your event needs

Our History

We opened our first location at the corner of Brice and Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio on June 23, 1990. For the first five years of operation we were the highest volume Flowerama store in the country.

On January 27, 1995 we opened our second location at the corner of Broad Street and Hamilton Road in Whitehall. We nearly doubled our sales and tripled our work load.

Only a year and a half after opening our second location, we opened our third location, at the corner of Westerville Road and Schrock Road in Westerville. It was an immediate success and is still one of the top performing stores in the country

In 2002, we launched our website. The first photos were taken outside the Westerville shop. While we were proud of them at the time, we look back and laugh at our early efforts. We still take our own photos, but now they are taken in a home studio. We realize there is room for improvement in our photography skills; however, we are no longer embarrassed to put them on the website.

In 2005, we made a major investment in our computer system. This streamlined our order taking ability. With this new technology, we can access orders taken from any of our four locations. To optimize delivery, orders are directed to the nearest location. We can even send an automatic e-mail confirmation of your completed delivery if you request.

December 16, 2005 the store located at Karl Road and Morse Road opened. With a state of the art walk in and reach in cooler this store continues to be a customer favorite. Located at one of the busiest intersections in Columbus sales continue to grow.

In 2006, we acquired our vanity telephone number 614 BLOOMIN. The telephone number rings into our Reynoldsburg location where your order is processed. We hope this number will be easy to remember and convenient to use. 

In 2006, one of the most respected names in the floral industry, Virgil Alwood Florist, chose to merge their customer data base with ours. 

In 2008, we introduced the "Non-spill travel box". We custom designed our non-spill travel box so that the average person, under normal driving conditions, can get their flowers home in one piece. Our box is twice the size of a normal delivery box and stands tall enough to protect the flowers from banging against your car seat during transportation. You can’t get this box anywhere else in Columbus, and it is free with most flower deliveries. 

In 2010, we introduced "In driveway delivery confirmation."Once your delivery arrives at its location our drivers do the unthinkable; they actually call you. We call it "In driveway delivery confirmation", and we are the only florist in Columbus that provides this service. That’s right our drivers will call you from the driveway to let you know that your gift has arrived safely to its destination. 

Spring of 2013 Cheryl's Cookies and Flowerama Columbus teamed up to offer Cheryl's cookie delivery anywhere in Columbus Ohio. Available for sale and consumption at the Reynoldsburg, Westerville, and Columbus Flowerama locations with the Whitehall Flowerama location coming soon. The perfect marriage of two great companies; our customers now have a choice between the freshest flowers or the freshest cookies and they can all be delivered the same day throughout Columbus. 

Perhaps the thing we are most proud of is our people. There are many who have worked for us for more than a decade, and one that has been with us since our first year of operation. The contributions they have made to our success over the years are immeasurable. Our ability to draw some of the most talented, hard working people in the community is one of our greatest assets. We are truly humbled by their efforts. and our four convenient locations offer same day delivery of fresh flowers and roses across town and throughout the United States!

Orders that are placed on line or over the phone will be processed immediately and filled through the local Flowerama store or through the Teleflora network of fine florists.