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Same Day Delivery - Reaction Guaranteed!

Girl Reacting to Same-Day Flower Delivery

The best reactions come from the perfect gifts, especially when they are delivered the same day. Find the perfect gift for no occasion at all or for every special occasion, including birthday, anniversary, new baby congratulations, corporate gifts, & holiday gifts. From roses, orchids, tulips, lilies, and more. We carry green and flowering plants and hand poured candles. Add special touches like locally baked Cheryl’s Cookies or Amish Coblentz chocolates. Flowerama also offers express delivery to all area Hospitals as well as to all funeral homes.

Flowerama is a trusted local owned Columbus, Ohio florist, delivering flowers and gifts throughout the Columbus Metropolitan area from three locations. Flowerama offers same-day local flower delivery and express flower delivery to all the cities surrounding Columbus Ohio. 

Delivery FAQs

Can I still have flowers delivered today?

We do offer same day delivery on orders placed on our website or over the phone by 2 pm Monday thru Friday. Same day delivery is offered on orders placed by 12 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

We do reserve the right to cut off same day delivery at any time and any day without notice.


What makes our flower delivery service so great?

  1. IN DRIVEWAY DELIVERY CONFIRMATION:  Our drivers will call you shortly after your gift has arrived safely to its destination. The driver can tell you what time your gift was delivered or who it was left with, a service FedEx doesn't even offer. Not everyone will receive a call at major floral holidays due to the high demands put on our personnel during these times. Of course you must provide a working phone number for this service to work.
  2. NON-SPILL TRAVEL BOX: A Flowerama Columbus exclusive. We have custom designed a box to make it easy for you to transport your gift. Transporting flowers can be a lot like trying to transport an upside down bowling pin, only the bowling pin is filled with water and is made of glass. We designed our non-spill travel box so that the average person, under normal driving conditions, can get their flowers home without the flowers falling over.  You can’t get this box from any other florist  in Columbus and it is free with most flower deliveries. We are so confident in our box we use it to transport the flowers to you.
  3. E-MAIL CONFIRMATION: We offer e-mail confirmation of your delivery. When our driver returns from his deliveries we will send you an e-mail letting you know that your delivery has been made. This service requires that you provide us with an accurate e-mail address.
  4. SUNDAY DELIVERY TO FUNERAL HOMES: Many traditional flower shops in Columbus aren't even open on Sunday. Not only are we open on Sunday we deliver to all the funeral homes in our delivery area. We believe the best way to insure your flowers arrive as fresh as possible is to deliver them on the day they are needed. 
  5. FROM OUR DOOR TO YOURS: Your gift never leaves our hands until it is in yours. Our delivery drivers actually deliver your gift from our door to yours. Seems obvious doesn't it. Well it’s not. Many flower shops in Columbus are in a “Delivery Pool”. This means that the flower shops “pool” or "share" their resources, specifically their delivery drivers and delivery vehicles. They meet every day at a specific location at a specific time then they exchange deliveries with each other. The responsibility of actually delivering your important gift may get passed from one van to another. This saves them time and money; however the flower shop you ordered from has no idea how, or when or who delivered your gift. We believe your gift is far to important to allow someone else to deliver it.

How much is local flower delivery?

  • We deliver fresh flowers, roses, planters and occasion flowers to the entire Columbus Metropolitan area and all of Franklin County. When ordering on line we charge $14.95 for each delivery (does not include express delivery or long distance local delivery or holiday delivery fee) in our local delivery area.
  • In compliance with state and federal tax laws, sales tax will be added to your order where applicable.
  • Please make sure that your order information is accurate and complete in order to avoid delivery delays.

Do you deliver flowers outside of the Greater Columbus area?

We can deliver to locations outside of Central Ohio, but an additional fee will be added on to your order. Delivery times and dates are limited on non-local deliveries.

How do I check the status of an order?

Holiday Deliveries:

During the busiest times of the year such as Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas we ask for your patience with getting your gift delivered. We make every effort to get all our deliveries out in a timely fashion and turn down orders when we feel we are reaching maximum capacity. The more we have to stop and identify the status of an order the more it can slow us down. 

On orders placed 24 hours or more prior to the delivery date It is important to know that unless you paid for express delivery we do not consider your delivery to be late until after 5 p.m. for businesses and after 7 p.m. to residential customers. You may cancel an order 24 hours prior to the delivery date during holidays.

On orders placed the same day of the requested delivery date we reserve the right to deliver within 24 hours of when the order is processed regardless if it is going to a business or a residence. Once an order is placed for same day of a holiday it cannot be cancelled. When an order is placed for same day delivery we are committing one of a finite number of remaining delivery spots to you, we therefore can not cancel or refund same day delivery orders at the major holidays. 

Please see our policy page for more details. 

One of the services that we provide is in driveway delivery confirmation. We do our best to contact you the sender from the location the delivery was made to give you the most up to the minute status of your order. Once again we use part time delivery help at the holidays so this service is not always executed with the precision that our full time drivers often provide. E-mail confirmation of deliveries is also available but often comes later in the day once all the deliveries have been made.

Non holiday delivery status:

If you feel the need to contact us it is usually best to contact the store that you placed your order with to obtain the status of an order. A list of the locations and their phone numbers can be found on our locations page. It is important to keep in mind that unless you paid for express delivery we do not consider your delivery late until after 5 p.m. for businesses and 6 p.m. for residential deliveries.

One of the services that we provide is in driveway delivery confirmation. We do our best to contact you the sender from the location the delivery was made to give you the most up to the minute status of your order. we do require a working phone number for this service to work. If you provided us with an e-mail address then you will also receive e-mail confirmation of your delivery once the driver returns to the shop.

Orders placed on-line:

Please wait at least one hour, after placing an order on line, before contacting us to allow sufficient time for the information to be processed.

For faster order processing place an order directly with one of our stores or call 1-614-256-6646.

What is your local delivery area?

Our local delivery is all of Franklin county and the Columbus metropolitan area. We also deliver to parts of Delaware, Plain City, Johnston, lewis Center and Pataskala.  

We can deliver anywhere else in the state or country thru our network of florists.

Do you deliver flowers internationally?

We will not be able to process international orders via our website. We would be happy to process the orders over the phone, by calling 1-614-256-6646. There are additional fees associated with international orders. In addition, you will want to place your order at least 3 days in advance of when you would like it sent. There are no weekend deliveries.

What is Cupids express delivery?

Cupids express delivery is an option to have your gift delivered by a certain time of day. There is an additional fee for this service and the cost depends on how quickly you need your gift delivered. The cost will also depend on the time of day that you place your order. You will have an option at check out to choose the express delivery options that are available to you.

What happens if no one is home?

We have really good drivers that we empower to make decisions regarding what to do when no one is home. Every situation is unique and is dependent on weather, neighbors or business situations and what kind of shelter is available.

 In some cases they will leave the flowers at the door or on a porch.

We also allow them to attempt a neighbor to take the flowers.

Sometimes we have to deliver flowers before a person is at work, (ie. nightshift employees) many times we will leave the arrangement at a front desk or at their specific office. 

Sometimes they have no choice but to bring the flowers back to the flower shop. In that situation we will make arrangements with the recipient to make sure they get their flowers. 

In all cases it is the drivers decision as to what to do. Yes, sometimes they make a mistake, however they try to make the right decision.

We will leave a door tag with what we have done on recipients door if we are unable to deliver the flowers to a person  



Stop in and visit one of our local flower shop locations listed below:

Columbus Flower Shop
1600 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229
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Reynoldsburg Flower Shop
6311 East Main Street
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
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Whitehall Flower Shop
4785 East Broad Street
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