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The Meaning of Roses

Roses: A staple in conveying all of your special messages when it comes to choosing flowers. The classic rose is a favorite of many and rightfully so with all of the beautiful colors, fragrances and simplicity. As a florist, we are often asked what do different rose colors mean? To this question, we've responded with a Rose Color Meaning Guide, just for you! While it would be hard to give meaning and significance to each and every single rose color that exists, we've provided the basics. The next time you're going to make rose purchase for a loved one, consider these special rose color meanings.

 the meaning of roses


Red Roses symbolize passion and love. Whether sending roses to a new love or reminding your long-time partner of your love, red roses will convey your message in a bold, passionate and strong way.Red Rose Meaning

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Deep Pink Roses are said to symbolize appreciation and gratitude while light pink roses are said to traditionally convey admiration, gratitude and sympathy.

meaning of pink roses

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Yellow Roses symbolize the love of friendship. It is said that the yellow rose conveys sunshine, joy and optimism. This is a great color choice for friends and co-workers for any occasion

the meaning of yellow roses

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Orange Roses are energetic and exciting! This rose will send a positive message to any lucky recipient. While this rose shows excitement and attraction, this can be used to express any emotion you need to convey.meaning of orange roses

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Lavender Roses are said to send a clear message of love at first site. Creativity, openness and infinite possibility are three terms to wrap up the meaning of the lavender/purple rose.

meaning of lavender roses

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White Roses communicate a secret promise between the giver and recipient. White roses are often used in weddings to express love's fidelity and promise. This particular rose makes a clear promise to care, nurture and adore.White Rose Meaning

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