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Orchid Care Tips.

Place 3 Ice Cubes in your orchid plants pot once per week. The slow melt of the Ice Cube will allow the orchid plant to absorb water efficiently. This technique also Insure that you will not over or under-water your orchid.

Orchid Plants store the energy they get from the sun in their leaves. The more robust the leaf system of your plant the healthier the plant. Look for plants that have large leaf growth. Place your plant near a window or indirect light to power your plant and its blooms.

Orchid Plants enjoy a similar environment that humans enjoy. A simple rule of thumb is that if you are comfortable and cozy so is your orchid plant. Most humans do want a controlled temperature but don't want to sit directly on a register vent.

We get our orchid plants from Jaxma Orchids in Florida. They hand select the biggest and best plants for us and we pay a premium to get you the best plants possible.