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Jade Vibes - Same Day Delivery
Jade Vibes - Same Day Delivery
Jade Vibes - Same Day Delivery

Jade Vibes

Product Code: PLJV

Height: 15", Width: 14" (approx.)

Send long lasting Jade Vibes to liven up a space in a home or office with this beautiful and simple 6" Jade plant. This plant comes in a modern concrete style container that is adaptable to many home or office styles and decor.

Jade plants prefer full sun, such as in or near a window, along with soil on the dryer side. It is important to note that you won’t want to water this plant on a particular schedule, the best rule of thumb is to not let the plant dry out completely and water when the top of the soil is just dry to the touch. 

LOCAL-ONLY: If you are attempting to ship this product outside of the Greater Columbus area, please select a product that isn't identified as "Local Only".


This product can be upgraded by our expert florist.

Earn up to 40 Smile Back Rewards points

Upgrade to a larger Jade plant (14"x14") in a larger concrete container.

Earn up to 100 Smile Back Rewards points

This upgrade includes the small and large Jade plant.

Earn up to 130 Smile Back Rewards points