Stunning Red Ecuadorian Roses

Red Roses in Columbus OH

The Best Selection Of Fresh Cut Red Roses In Columbus Ohio

We purchase many of the roses we sell, including our beautiful Ecuadorian red roses, direct from the flower farms. Buying farm-direct from the flower growers allows us to reduce the amount of time between when the roses are cut and when we can actually design them into a fabulous floral arrangement and deliver them to you. Farm-direct also means you get the finest, freshest, highest quality red roses and flowers available in Columbus, OH. The only thing that says I love you more than a dozen gorgeous red roses, is two dozen red roses!

Ecuadorian red roses are simply stunning. They are grown high in the mountains of Ecuador, where the roses enjoy the perfect blend of sunlight, moisture and soil conditions. Looking to really make a lasting impression on your special someone. Send them a dozen red roses from Flowerama Columbus. You might even want to add a cute teddy bear or box of delicious gourmet chocolates to your order. Both are excellent add-on's to any rose order and are guaranteed to create a smile on the face of the recipient. 

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