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Coronavirus Updates

Yes, we are still delivering.

You can place an order through our website or call us on the phone at 614-256-6646. 

Now more than ever, people need a way to connect with each other, it is our mission to assure you that we are a safe way for you to stay connected to your loved ones. Nothing can connect people more than flowers, especially when we have to stay apart. We are taking all the necessary steps to comply with safety matters.

Step One: Our locations are open to walk in customers. We have installed clear screening inside the stores at the registers. We have marked the floors and other areas to help with social distancing. We have posted maximum capacity numbers at each location. We try to reserve the first hour of business for high risk and elderly customers. 

Step Two: All employees are required to wear masks when working in the building. Each member will take their temperature before arriving to work and throughout the day. Of course, we will practice social distancing and clean surfaces constantly.

Step Three: No-contact delivery of flowers, plants and cookies. Think of it as Ding Dong Ditch it. We will ring the doorbell and leave the flowers in a safe visible place for your loved one to retrieve. Some destinations such as certain hospitals and nursing homes may not accept deliveries, but most are accepting deliveries. We will check prior to delivery to ensure that deliveries are being accepted at your chosen location. As Always, we will contact you to let you know that your gift has been delivered.

Please trust that we have you, your loved ones and our amazing teams’ best interest at heart. For nearly 30 years, our business has provided us the opportunity to connect friends, family and loved ones near and far through a seemingly small gesture flowers and other gifts with an impressive emotional impact. Fresh flowers and plants have the capacity to make people feel loved, thought of and closer to the ones who send them. In addition, they also have a unique way of not only livening up the space they’re in, but also provide the ability to relieve stress and boost overall mood. Don’t hesitate to share an impactful message of love, joy, thoughtfulness and well-wishes while we’re all practicing social distancing.

We believe that our product and services are uniquely positioned and important to help the community practice social distancing and shelter in place orders and yet allow people to stay connected to each other. 

Our hearts go out to everyone, including our own team who are affected by these uncertain times. Our goal is to add back as many employees that want to work as quickly as possible to keep them employed during these difficult times. We will miss seeing you and can’t wait until these difficult times are behind us, so we can become a fully functioning community again. 

We wish you all good health,

The Ozment Family


As of Monday March 23rd, our retail shops are closed to the public.

Our temporary hours of operation for delivery until further notice are:

Monday-Saturday: 9:00 - 5:00


We are operating with a skeleton crew from 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Saturday to answer phones and prepare deliveries. 

Please take caution that anything requested to be delivered to a business or hospital may result in inability to deliver depending on the rules and regulations of the receiving establishment. 


At this time, the only delivery restrictions we have are deliveries to businesses, places and events that have announced closure until further notice.  


Please be aware that the recent Coronavirus outbreak is effecting every business. While we remain open, we reserve the right to make mindful substitutions to your order as necessary as securing specific flowers, colors and even containers can become more challenging during this time. 

While we have chosen to stay open at this time, we will not compromise the quality of our product and services regardless if substitutions have to be made. 

No problem

Please give us a call directly as soon as you find out if you've scheduled a delivery going to a business that has closed until further notice to determine your options. Please also notify us if there needs to be changes to any planned standing orders you may have.


For wedding or event cancellation, please call Amy directly as soon as possible.



Regardless of how this impact is or may effect you, flowers bring a little bit of light and happiness even just for a moment. It's a simple and thoughtful way to let those you love know you're thinking of them.



If you request our drivers do not have contact with the recipient, we can arrange to call recipient prior to delivery to arrange to leave flowers at the door. If you're requesting this, please make sure to put it in the special instructions section at checkout.

Note: Weather could impact this to some degree. In this event, we will communicate this with you directly.


It is our standard protocol to contact the sender once the delivery has been made. This is when you will be notified if your recipient was able or unable to receive the delivery.

We can offer curb side pick-up options at all locations from 8 - 7 Monday thru Saturday and 9 - 5 on Sundays.